Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Dear Ladies,

Happy Sunday evening! I hope each one of you had a nice weekend.  I guess we can’t call this warm weather “Indian summer” because we have not yet had a frost!

How is the homework coming?  I have spoken to a few of you and the report is positive! 

Have you had to use your shield of faith yet?  I have!  It seems that not only have I relied on “I am who God says I am” a lot this week, but I have passed it on to two of my boys. You are who GOD says you are—no one else has the power to define you!

Have you identified areas in your life where you are “stuck” in unbelief?  Girls, it is going to be such a blessing as we go through this study to hear the testimonies from each one of you as we replace unbelief with belief!!   It’s going to be glorious!

Our next Manorwood Café is this Tuesday—same bat time, same bat place!  Can’t wait!

Please use the comments section (the purple rectangle at the bottom of this page) for prayer requests. 

We will be collecting items for our two college care packages over the next few weeks.  I will have a box on Margie’s table for donations.

Remember—if you haven’t done your homework do not stay away!   We need your unique contribution to the group.  When you are not there we miss you!

Before I sign off I will leave you with this great quote from Beth Moore:

“Ours is a God of restoration. Do not confuse restoration with replacement. God's way is not just to replace what we've lost but to restore us to do that for which we were created”.

May Jesus greatly bless you in the coming week!

Love to all,


  1. Hello Bible Study Friends,

    I am having a biopsy on suspicous tissue in my mouth on Thursday this week. The Doctor says it isn't anything serious but when they are cutting you and stitching you and telling you that you CAN'T eat (sad) it is worrisome. I am a dental wimp and fearful of pain in my mouth. Please offer prayers for my fear and pain and guidance for the doctor's hand.

    Thank you my sisters in Christ.

    Love Pat

  2. Dear Sisters in Christ,

    Something interesting happened to me last night after I left bible study and got home. My husband and I got into a HUGE FIGHT about something stupid. He said hateful things to me and I said hateful things back--we went to bed not speaking. I realized this morning that as we study the Word of God and draw closer to Him in learing to believe what He says, the enemy will be really unhappy with us. This is where the shield of faith will really come in handy. As believers in Christ we have the power to keep the enemy at bay--when the enemy comes knocking (as it did last night in my house) I pray that God has his hand over my house and my loved ones protecting us from harm and stupidness--I pray this for all of us.

    Love in Christ,