Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello Ladies,

I hope you are enjoying this GLORIOUS day!  Isn’t it beautiful outside? 

Please read Chapter 2 of “Big Girls Don’t Whine” for Tuesday night’s study.  If you don’t have your book yet, COME ANYWAY!  It’s ok.  I would like you all to have the books by next week for chapter 3.  If there is a problem, let me know.

We have many pressing prayer needs going on in our group.  Please pray for Tammy & Doug, Marjorie, Angie and Amy.  We have other prayer needs too which we can discuss at study.

Kathy will be collecting items for a care box for Angie.  If you have something to contribute, please make sure you bring it along.

This is a crazy time of year with all kinds of stuff going on.  Please come to study when you can--you are always welcome at any time.

It is a joy sharing God’s Word with all of you~


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