Thursday, January 5, 2012

The heart behind "Stuck"


I came across this video by Jennie Allen today and thought I would send it out to the blog.  It is only three minutes long.

We currently have 25 women committed to the new study.  God is amazing!

If you have a minute, you can also check out Jennies website @ . 

If you are a subscriber to this blog and you have not yet signed up it is not too late.  This is an excellent and very different study--perfect for all those things swirling around our heads in the new year.  I challenge you to take the plunge with 25 of your sisters! There is change in the air and I love it when it is the kind of change that brings freedom and liberty to God's daughters!  He love us so!  Although we NEVER close our studies, it is obvious that consistency and commitment are paramount to getting the most out of the group--especially when true change is desired.

Since we are doing this study over 12 weeks instead of 6, we will do "half" of week one's           ( Broken) homework this week.  Please do pages 20-31 which includes an introduction and "Discover and Measure".

See you all next week at Margie's--as always--stay tuned for any weather related changes as we go through the winter. 

Love to all-

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