Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What We Hear Makes a Difference

Dear Ladies,

I was going to sit down this afternoon and write something for the blog, but 

then I ran across this from Holley GerthI so appreciate her honesty and the 

way she knows exactly what goes on inside of our female minds!  


As we begin our final chapter titled "Unstuck," this may be a very relevant

 post for some of us.  Boy..this can be a very stuck place!  Someone once told

 me to remember that "people are more helpful than harmful".  Most people

 are not out to get us, hurt us or exclude us, and yet, many of us walk around

 with a faulty filter that tells us the opposite.  The good news is that we can be

 transformed by the renewing of our minds! ( Romans 12:2) 


Praying that our filters will be cleaned out by the truth of God's Word and His lavish love toward us!

Love to all!


Posted: 28 Mar 2012 06:23 AM PDT

I sat across from the table with my in-laws. Confusion flickered across their faces.

My husband and I had just finished our yearly tax appointment. With all the writing and new adventures underway in my life, our accountant had suggested we set up an "S Corp."

We shared this with his parents as a bit of an update.
 But what they heard instead was that we were setting up an "Escort."

As in "escort service."
We kept saying "S Corp" and they kept hearing "Escort" until finally we realized the misunderstanding and broke into giggles. Whew, what kind of daughter-in-law would encourage their son to set up an escort service?  I don't think I would have gotten Christmas gifts this year.

After we laughed so hard we cried, I thought about how what we hear versus what's actually being said matters a lot.

A friend says, "You look pretty today."
And we hear, "You didn't look pretty the other days."

Our husband innocently remarks, "Did you go shopping this afternoon?"
And we hear, "You spend too much money."

God says, "I'm calling you to be holy."
And we hear, "You'll never be good enough for me."

Truth and perception can be two totally different things. What can we do to have a hearing check?

1) Ask - Simply say, "This is what I heard. Is that what you really said?"

2) Filter - Run whatever you hear through the truth of God's Word. Only receive what aligns with what God says.

3) Focus - A lot of times we misunderstand because we're only half-listening. If something seems odd to you, stop and give it your full attention until you really figure it out.

4) Err on the side of Grace - Most of the time people are not trying to discourage us. If you're not sure how someone intended a remark, give them the benefit of a doubt. Thankfully, my in-laws did that for me when they thought I was going to set up an illegal business!

5) Pray that God helps you hear with His ears - He's the only one who can accurately perceive everything. And good news--His Spirit lives within you. Jesus promised the Spirit would "lead us into all truth."

My in-laws are quite relieved to know that Mark and I are sticking to careers that are both legal and moral. Whew.  What half-truth might you be hearing today?  Could it be time to straighten it out and giggle over what you thought your heart heard?

--Holley Gerth

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  1. Wow! God is always right on time. I had a conversation with one of my bosses today and it left me questioning HIS motive for telling me about something he learned at a meeting he attended earlier this week. I'm now going to "give him the benefit of the doubt" and not let my mind tell me that he was implying or inferring anything by telling me this information! I feel that God spoke directly to ME in this blog today!