Sunday, April 15, 2012


Happy Lord's Day all you UNSTUCK sisters! 

 I have been thinking about this last chapter of our study and I do want to pass something very important on to you.  Please do not beat yourself up if you are not unstuck yet!  

Becoming free from our strongholds is a process.  Just being able to identify the places where we are stuck is a HUGE step.  The process of becoming free is a time when we must practice patience toward ourselves and have a good dose self -compassion ( I did not say self- pity!).  It does however, require our attention to the matter!

Over the past few weeks we have learned:

  • Our freedom is found in dying to ourselves and trusting God.
  • We now know our hope is in heaven and anything else will disappoint.
  • Our mission is to obey God and live displaying the Gospel
  • He LOVES US, He loves us and He wants us to live in the wide open spaces-----freedom!
  • Life is short--it is time to get Unstuck!  There are many, many blessings in the end.
  • It is never too late ( repeat it with me!) It is NEVER too late to be who God created you to be!

I also hope you have learned that you are not on this road alone. You have found sisters who are walking this journey with you.   We were never meant to do this by ourselves! Having girlfriends we can trust and be transparent to is part of God's plan and a reflection of His unconditional love toward us.

It is for freedom that you have been made free. Therefore, stand firm and don't be a slave again. ~Gal 5:1


Love to all,

Thought to ponder for our last week of Stuck:

What are you leaving behind and what are you moving toward?

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