Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beauty in the "Torn"

My parents recently gave me an incredible gift. It was a check to help with the tuition expenses for my daughter’s college. I was so grateful for this help in a matter that causes me more sleepless nights than I like to admit. A burden was shared and lightened.

 Then I tore the check in half.

 Distracted by the rest of the mail, mostly junk, I took that envelope and just ripped it down the middle. Now what…… does a torn-in-two check have any worth at all?

As I wondered about that, I thought of the things that are only more beautiful and able to fulfill their purpose because they have been torn. Our Savior was torn; Christ was ripped open on a cross so that redemption and forgiveness could flow from his veins. And as he breathed his last breath the temple curtain was torn, split from top to bottom so that we can have access to our Creator God.

And what of us? Isn’t it the places in our hearts that have been torn that are the most beautiful? A heart ripped open is just that—OPEN. Open to accept our Jesus. Open to his love and mercy. Open to His voice and promptings to serve.  Open to recognize the pain in another’s heart and able to offer comfort.

With God, there is beauty in the “torn.”

 Cyndi Word

Action step:

Think about the places in your life where you have been "torn".  How have you grown as a result?  How are you more able to relate to others and offer comfort to them in their troubles?  Ask God to give you opportunities to use your torn experiences to step out and show His love and mercy to those who need it.  Warning: it will probably involve a trip or two out of the comfort zone!

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