Monday, September 3, 2012

Grace at the Dinner Table…..

I recently decided my kitchen needed a little feng-shui help. I was tired of the pictures on the wall and the scratches my kitchen table was acquiring without a tablecloth. I took myself off to Bed Bath and Beyond and found the perfect accents to turn my kitchen into a place where I would enjoy lingering. I got this cool metal art for the wall and even threw in a ficus tree to complete the new look. I put a beautiful white tablecloth on the table and stepped back to consider my skills at decorating. I was happy.

Then I made dinner…spaghetti. Now I am not sure what kind of mental lapse I was suffering from at the time. I have three teenage kids and I just put a WHITE tablecloth on the table to serve spaghetti. To my daughter’s credit, she went “on record” that this was not a good idea. In the middle of dinner, after about the third flying slurp of spaghetti sauce landing on the new snowy surface I angrily picked up everyone’s plates, ripped the tablecloth off the table and marched down the stairs to throw the new tablecloth in the washing machine. I was NOT happy.

We all have moments like this, don't we? Moments when we have to decide how we are going to react to the people in our lives. Join us on September 4th as we start our "Unglued" study and learn some coping skills for the times when someone bumps into our "happy."

Cyndi Word 

This Bible study will help us learn to choose how we will react in our unglued moments! We can choose to react in a way that best reflects Who we belong to.  Our reactions not only determine our reach, but they also determine what kind of peace level we are living with. I don't know about you, but I sure can use a  higher level of God's sweet peace in my day to day! IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN IN! ~Laura

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  1. Today is going be that day for me. Marcell has a doctor's appointment today and he is not suppose to be driving and Jack just text me and told me he slipped out the door and is driving him self to the doctors. Lord give me strengh..