Sunday, November 21, 2010

Manorwood Cafe~ Thanksgiving note

Dear Manorwood Ladies,

Just a friendly reminder that we will not be meeting for Bible study this Tuesday, November 23.   This gives all of us an extra week to play “catch up” if we are behind.
Now that’s something to be thankful for!!!

And speaking of thankfulness……I am thankful for each one of you and how God has placed you within our circle.  Don’t think YOU chose it—He did!  Your choice was to cooperate with what He wants to do in and through your life!   

When I look around the room on Tuesday night I see the “connection” and why He has placed some of you together.  There are more than a few of you who have similar stories and it is a beautiful thing to watch as you find each other. 

The kind of connection I am talking about is intentional.  We need to place ourselves intentionally in situations where we can give and receive grace.  Girls—we are struggling with some mighty great things and we need sisters for the journey!  We need to celebrate together too!

I look forward to seeing all of you on….. (Oh dear) DECEMBER 1st!!  It will be ADVENT!!!

Join me in asking God to help us keep our commitment to study His Word together even though it is Christmas!!  How crazy does that sound??  “Sorry Lord—I can’t do Bible study during the time we prepare for your arrival in the world! I have shopping to do”!!!

I speak out of experience on this one.  I will be on my knees this year asking for help to stay focused on Him….it really is nuts.  We have so much trouble staying focused on the one who’s BIRTHDAY we are celebrating! 

That’s all for now….it’s not Advent yet!  We still have a turkey to contend with and a few other things to do!

May God Bless you this Thanksgiving.  May the day be filled with love, forgiveness, grace, healing and lots of fun.

See you in Advent!

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