Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow , let it snow!!

Hello Everyone!

Put on your reading glasses~this one is long!

It is 5 and the sleet has all changed to snow in Damascus.  I hope wherever you are at this moment you are safe and warm.  It is really coming down out there!

There are a few changes coming up with our Bible study (some of them discussed last night) and I want to make sure everyone has the new information.

We finished “Believing God” last night and there were 14 ladies in Donna’s living room.  Beth wrapped up the 10 weeks beautifully.   At the end of this study we all hopefully have come to this powerful truth: GOD IS BELIEVABLE.  We can trust Him at His Word.  

We will continue to meet at Donna’s home for the foreseeable future.  I will not post addresses or personal phone numbers on the blog.   If you need to know her location, please email me directly. 

Next Tuesday, February 1st we will view a DVD teaching by Beth Moore entitled “A Woman’s Prayer Life".  This is one lesson only.  We will start our new 10 week study the following week.

On Tuesday, February 8, we begin “Same Life New Story, Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life.”    This book is Jan Silvious’ new release.  We will be one of the first groups to do this study!  It looks good!  There will be an “all discussion” group this time around.   There is no video lesson.   The only thing we have to do is read one chapter each week.  The book is an “easy read” and Jan has a humorous approach to the tangles we women get into.  It has an excellent message for us, but it is not going to be as intense as Beth’s studies.  I am looking forward to lots of discussion time!

We are asking that each one of you order your own book from  Here is the link:

I suggest that you not wait to order your book so you will have time to read the first chapter before February 8th.   If you have any trouble ordering please let me know.   I will help you. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the new study please speak up!  Remember, we not only studying God’s Word together, but we meet for fellowship!   If you do not come you also miss out on this all- important thing! 

We need each other girls AND hear me again~ if the dog eats your book and you don’t get your chapter read, COME ANYWAY!!   We love you and we do not want anyone to stay away because of not being prepared.   Some Bible study groups have that strict requirement of homework and for good reasons.  However, we made the decision long ago that Manorwood Cafe is a “come as you are” study and if "as you are" means no homework this week—that’s OK!  Please believe me!

Now I say all that with one disclaimer:  if you do not read the book you will not get the maximum benefit and growth.  That’s just truth.  I encourage you to read, but if you have a rough week and you didn’t read the chapter, please do not stay away.

That's settled ( I hope!) NOW ON TO OTHER INFO.....

We are gathering information for at least two more Manorwood Café Road Trips!  We will attend “Godspell” (A beautiful and fun musical of the entire Gospel of Matthew) at Covenant Life Church in early April (dates and cost TBA).  We will have dinner beforehand.  FUN!!!   

We also hope to attend a live Beth Moore event at 1st Mariner Area (Baltimore) in the early Fall.  Stay tuned for more info on that too.

I think that is it for now.  Thanks for hanging in there and reading all of this.  Thanks also for coming to our Manorwood study.  Each one of you has a unique place in our circle.

Our goal is to share, pray about and address some honest truth about ourselves so that as we walk on this journey with the Lord we continue to look more and more like Him.   As Beth said, she would rather take big risks and believe Him instead of staying in a safe and stuck place.  PREACH IT SISTER!  He is not pleased with us for being perfect or always being right.   He is pleased with us for sticking out our necks and taking risks to move forward in belief and faith.  Faith is credited to us as righteousness....and by the way, as we walk along this journey and grow more like Him we will encounter forgiveness, redemption and restoration! What a deal! 

Let me know if you need anything regarding the new book.

Love to you all,

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