Saturday, January 29, 2011



Stay tuned to the blog for weather updates for THIS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1st.  The weather people are hyping up another storm for Tuesday into Wednesday............we will see!!  They are calling it the "Groundhog Day Storm".  Whoo hoo! (sorry, as an MCPS employee this stuff excites me beyond belief!!! LOL!)

In the mean time, this is your friendly reminder to ORDER YOUR BOOK!  Scroll down to my previous post and cut and paste the loooooong link into your browser...OR.... just go to and type in "Same Life, New You" into the search box.   Jan Silvious' new book should pop right up.  It costs $10.00 and some change.   If you are "Amazon Challenged"  let me know and I will help you!

Even if we are snowed out this Tuesday we will still begin "Same Life New You" the following week on  February 8.   If we are snowed in again it will be nice to already have your book so you can read your first chapter! 

Enjoy your weekend~


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