Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy President's Day

Dear Manorwood Ladies,

Happy President's Day weekend!  As I write this to you, it is Sunday evening and it's actually snowing (a little)!!  CRAZY WEATHER!  I think it will be a roller coater ride this week with temperatures up and down and even maybe some REAL SNOW tomorrow night.  It doesn’t look like Manorwood will be impacted, though.  Stay tuned to the blog just in case.

We will discuss Chapter 3 this week, “Ask Yourself the Good Questions Only You Can Ask.”   I hope to see all of you there!

Margie is in Colorado until Tuesday afternoon.  We need a few snacks for this week--please let me know if you can pitch in.   We have a large group this time around so any help is appreciated!

I wish I had been there last week to share in the discussion.  I understand it was a deep conversation and many of you shared.  I am glad we have a good amount of time to discuss with this study.  You are a unique and special group of ladies and have important insights to tell.

Before I close, I want to urge you to join in and attend the “Sisters in Faith” day retreat on March 19th.   It will be a great outing for our group and very meaningful for all of us since Jan Silvious is the retreat speaker!  She will be tickled to meet us and hear how we are doing in the study.  We will have registration forms on Tuesday.  All you need is $25.00.  It will cover all you need for the day—including a delicious lunch!  Don’t forget!

Well, I still see a few flurries out there….I have to say that even this MCPS employee is sick of the snow.  I am ready for Spring!  How about you?

It is a joy to be in study with each one of you!   If you have the day off tomorrow--ENJOY!



  1. Prayer request: Please cover my daughter Courtney in prayer. She is going through a very emotionally difficult time and needs to feel God's comfort and guidance. She has some painful decisions to make but in the meantime she is struggling to hold it together. Thanks,Denise.

  2. From Keri Young...prayer request from Holly Godaire......"I just received a call from Holly, who asked if I would contact you to request prayers from our “Manorwood Café” girlfriends for her Mother-In-Law, Alice Godaire. She is elderly and had a fall this morning with trauma to her head. She lives with assisted living help in her home and struggles with multiple health problems. She was taken to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital and still late this afternoon Holly discovered that she had not been released from the ER due to continued bleeding. She apparently is on blood thinner medication, which has complicated her treatment success. Holly is suppose to keep me informed as to her health status".