Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manorwood Cancelled tonight 2/22

Hi Ladies,

I HATE to do it, but we are going to cancel for tonight. 

 The roads are wet and will re-freeze after dark.   Depending on how you feel about driving in winter wet and icy-ness, I know some of you will be relieved and some of you will be disappointed! Hopefully this will be the LAST cancellation for this winter!

Donna just called while driving home from work and observed more than a few side streets are still not even plowed.  YUCK.  Many of you are coming from northern locations and I know it's a concern to be out in the dark with  the possibility of icy roads. 

So.................we will see you next week for chapter 3.   If you haven't read it you have a second chance! 

VERY IMPORTANT: please scroll down to the bottom of my last post titled,  "Presidents Day" ( not this one) and click on the  "comment".   There is an important prayer request there from Denise Higgins regarding her daughter Courtney.   I am still hoping more of you will use the comments to communicate prayer requests in between Tuesdays.   In any case, please pray for Denise and Courtney.   You can also reply to her post, or add your own request right there in the "comments" section.

See you NEXT WEEK at Margie's.  LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!



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  1. This prayer request comes from Sue Oehmig at Hope Alive - a friend of her's passed this along.

    A Walkersville Mom is going through some really tough times and really needs your prayers. Rachel's son, CJ, is currently in ICU at FMH and is unresponsive, liver shut down and kidneys are not doing well. Her other son, Andrew, has cancer and is going through Chemo.

    Thanks! Debbie L