Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Freezing Tuesday Morning!!!!!!!!

Dear Ladies,

I hope you have said many “Yay me’s” to yourself this week!  I am still moved by what Laurene shared with us last Tuesday!  What a beautiful and wonderful way to speak to ourselves! Yay US!

I will see you all tonight for Chapter 7, “Discover the Power of Wisdom and Courage Combined”.  It’s a great read—I know the discussion with be rich!

Please continue to pray for Marjorie and Tammy & Doug.  I hope we will have some updates tonight.

It is a JOY to spend Tuesday night with all of you.  REALLY.  I thank God for the opportunity to care for, learn together and support each other each week.

Remember: if you have not been to study for a while you can join in NOW. This book is easy to jump in to.  Don’t be afraid to show up!  J

Much love to all-

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