Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't Grow Weary in Waiting

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

While this is the time of the year I spend the least amount of time outdoors, it is the season that brings me the most delight. I have the gift of a beautiful perennial garden, and every year it puts a call out to gorgeous butterflies, goldfinches, and bees to come and enjoy the colorful bounty. I watch them as they travel from flower to flower, some singing and some soundless as they flutter along.

There is one plant however, that remains green and without flowers ‘til later in the season, and that one is pretty much ignored by all the  creatures flying in and out of the garden. Right now it is standing alone, bright green and tall as it waits for the exact time it is called to bloom. For this plant, the moment for it to flower will come as most of the other plants in the garden are finished for the season. But it will bloom and it will be beautiful. I can see the plant preparing day by day for the assignment.

How much are we like the left behind plant? Everyone else is beautiful, chosen, moving forward, following their dreams, and we are asked to stand tall and wait for our time to bloom. We feel as if maybe He has taken His eyes off of us and doesn’t know how ready we are, and yet we know the words “everything beautiful in its time.”  Don’t grow weary in waiting. He sees you my cherished sister and as you pray and seek His will, before you know it, it will be your time and He will whisper “you go girl,” in my name and with my blessing.

Because of His amazing love,

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