Monday, July 16, 2012

She Speaks!

Dear Manorwood and Backyard Bible Study Sisters,

This Thursday, Donna and I will be at the "She Speaks" conference in Concord  N.C. Will you please pray for us? 

If you would, please pray for us over the next few days as we prepare to go.  I will be speaking ( and being critiqued!) on Friday and Saturday.  As the time gets closer, I will give you the specific times on those afternoons--I would be so thankful if you would pray for me while I am speaking!   Thank you so much!

We will see you tomorrow at Jeanne's for our first lesson at Backyard Bible Study.  In the mean time, I thank you for being so encouraging and so faithful.  YOU have played a big part in the growth and change the Lord has done in me, personally and I am forever grateful.  Much love to each one of you! ~Laura

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