Sunday, August 26, 2012

Be Loved

Life can seem like a bit too much sometimes, can’t it? The problems we face seem as endless as the days spent trying to fix them. I have been in a challenging season  of life and I woke up on Sunday knowing I needed to spend some alone time with my Father. I threw on my tennis shoes and put my IPod buds in my ears with Christy Nockels from Watermark blasting. I needed to hear from my Jesus. I needed to be reminded of his love and his presence. I was holding him to his promise that if I drew near to him, then he would draw near to me. ( James 4:8)

I was about halfway through my walk when God sent a beautiful message straight to me. Across the street, standing on a hill was a toddler and her parent. The little one wandered down the hill, drawn to something she saw in the grass. She stood alone for a while and then she turned and saw the distance between herself and the one who loves her more than life and she ran up that steep hill, her small legs straining. When she reached her parent’s side she put her hand straight up in the air trusting, actually knowing, that it would be grasped by the one bigger than her. Together they walked to the top of the hill and out of sight.

And I was left in tears. We are loved. Our Father watches over us no matter how far we wander. He is faithful and we can run to him, weary and worn and straining to put one foot in front of the other. We can raise our hand in the air and be absolutely sure He is there to grab hold of it and walk with us all of our days.

This was the song playing in my Ipod when God sent this beautiful reminder to me. Close your eyes and let Him speak to your soul. ~Cyndi


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